JYP Audition 2018 and Registration online?

From now on, if you are dreaming of becoming a global entertainer, you can experience JYP auditions from wherever you are!  

How do you go about a JYP audition online?

You make an account on the JYP audition website, go to JYP Auditions.

Log in to your account or make on if you haven’t already.

Then press number 4 in the top right corner, where it says ‘’Apply for Audition’’

And then your profile will appear, where you put all your details in along with your audition clip.

JYP Audition 2018

How do You pass the JYP audition?

You just have to work hard with a good skill of choice. Vocal/Dance/Act/
Vocal- Just work on your voice, if you don’t pass the first time, take some time to realize what you need to fix or adjust
Dance: Work on your tempo, rhythm, & timing. Same with Vocal if you don’t pass the first time
Acting: Work on making it convincable? I don’t know a proper word for it but try putting in realistic emotions into it

How are the requirements to audition in JYP entertainment?

1] Anyone can participate regardless of nationality or gender.

2] Candidate birthdates should fall between 1994 and 2007

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